Children X the Atom | modHero Unisex Tee

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Children of the Atom

This oversize-print geek tee features one of the first hit modHero designs! The graphic modernist illustration is inspired by the vision of the classic OG X-Men, mutant heroes who didn't resemble any who came before, with understated suits and vibrant untapped powers! 

modHero big Picture Art Tees are great for both geeky-casual and eye-catching comic-con-ready looks. They are made-to-order in the USA and feature original modHero art covering every inch of the chest. Solid sleeves & trim accent the artwork with the perfect colors, selected by the artist to match each design. Wear some modHero pop art and always be the hero! 

The 100% polyester fabric is uniquely textured with a thick microfibre knit that wicks perspiration away, and keeps you looking stylish anywhere. 

Printed in the USA, 4.0 oz and 6.0 oz fabrics available,
Tagless, Runs true to size
Image Description: Five figures scattered over a mauve-gray background. Their suits are black with bright yellow boots, gloves, chests and shorts. Two cling to a third who flies across the top with white wings. The one female among them has red hair and floats above. the 5th is white and travels on a sheet of ice. The lowest character projects a red beam of color from his eyes that covers the lower right quarter of the image.